Zahid F. Sarder Saddi Congratulates Community Ally Hakeem Jeffries on New Role in the Next Generation of Democratic Leadership

“Zahid F. Sarder Saddi has congratulated Representative Hakeem Jeffries on securing leadership in the US House of Representatives, replacing Nancy Pelosi as leader of the Democratic Party within the House. The US Representative of New York’s 8th Congressional District has previously earned praise for his support of Bangladeshi human rights and fair elections all over […]

Saddi Congratulates Congressional Allies of Bangladeshi Community on Continued Work in US House

“Zahid F. Sarder Saddi has extended his congratulations to Representatives Hakeem Jeffries, Yvette Clarke, Gregory Meeks, and Grace Meng on their continued tenures in office with new terms beginning in January. Previously, the representatives provided instrumental support to the Bangladeshi community worldwide.” WASHINGTON DC, Nov. 30, 2022: Bangladeshi Community Leader Zahid F. Sarder Saddi recently […]

Zahid F. Sarder Saddi Congrats Ally of the Bangladeshi Community, Congressman Darren Soto, on Campaign Victory

“Zahid F. Sarder Saddi, a prominent member of the Bangladeshi-American Society, recently congratulated long-time compatriot, Congressman Darren Soto, who cruised to a fourth term victory in his 2022 campaign for US House Representative of Florida’s 9th district.” ORLANDO, FLORIDA, Nov. 16, 2022 — Prominent Bangladeshi Human Rights Activist and Civil Society Leader, Zahid F. Sarder Saddi, […]

Vanguard of 2022, Zahid F. Sarder Saddi Continues Tireless Work for Bangladeshi Community

“Bangladeshi Human Rights Activist and Civil Society Leader Zahid F. Sarder Saddi held an impromptu meeting of goodwill with longtime friend, Secretary of State Antony J. Blinken, amidst accolades and awards for Saddi’s advocacy of the Bangladeshi community-at-large.” Washington, DC, Oct. 20, 2022 — Zahid F. Sarder Saddi, a prominent member of the Bangladeshi-American Society, has […]

Zahid F. Sarder Saddi is a Trusted Advocate of the Bangladeshi People

“An influential civil society leader, humanitarian, and advocate for Bangladesh and its people, Zahid F. Sarder Saddi has guarded the rights and safety of the Bangladeshi community for over 25 years.” Harvard Business Review — Zahid F. Sarder Saddi, a prominent member of the Bangladeshi-American Society, has received strong acclaim for his work on behalf […]

Zahid F. Sarder Saddi’s Fight for Peace in Bangladesh

“It would be quite a challenge to grow up in Dhaka, Bangladesh, without developing a love for the people around you. The most densely populated city in the world, Dhaka houses 22 million people in a metropolitan area that’s roughly a third of the size of New York City.” WASHINGTON D.C. – Perhaps this close-knit […]

Zahid F. Sarder Saddi Stokes Deeper Involvement in Foreign Affairs from US Congressional Bangladesh Caucus

“Bangladeshi Community Leader and Activist Zahid F. Sarder Saddi discussed Bangladesh’s future with members of United States Congress at Capitol Hill, broaching topics related to human rights, fair elections, and progression of the allyship between the United States and the people of Bangladesh.” WASHINGTON D.C. – Zahid F. Sarder Saddi congratulated and welcomed the Co-Chairs of the […]

Zahid F. Sarder Saddi Rallies Support for Greater US Involvement in Bangladesh’s Future

“Zahid F. Sarder Saddi, an influential civil society leader, community activist, and human rights defender advocating for the people of Bangladesh met with members of United States Congress at Capitol Hill to discuss Bangladesh’s future.” New York, NY, Sept. 13, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) Zahid F. Sarder Saddi congratulated and welcomed the Co-Chairs of the newly inaugurated […]

Zahid F. Sarder Saddi: The Fight for Bangladeshi Peace & Democracy

“Adversity causes some men to break; others to break records.” William Arthur Ward may as well have been speaking directly about Zahid F. Sarder Saddi, a Bangladeshi political activist and humanitarian whose political exile from his home country has not impeded his tireless quest for democracy and human rights there. Some could say that Saddi’s […]

From Dhaka to DC : Zahid F. Sarder Saddi

WASHINGTON, D.C. —Zahid F. Sarder Saddi holds out hope that democracy in Bangladesh will be restored. Saddi is currently politically exiled from his home country but hasn’t let that stop him from continuing to fight for Bangladeshi democracy and human rights. His goal is to restore the caretaker government, facilitating free and fair elections for […]